Fundraising with Simply Sheets can be easily implemented into your current fundraising schedule. Our program offers both Traditional and Online fundraising options. We have no investment costs, no minimums and no term requirements. Therefore, our product is ideal for short-term and long-term goal setting.


Online and Traditional Fundraising Programs

The Basics


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Receive Orders

  • Your product will be delivered within 10 business days after we receive your payment.

Additional Online Program Information

  • The online price per sheet set is $49.50 and $16.50 per pillowcase set sold. (Shipping is included.)

  • Your organization will receive a credit for $16.50 per sheet set sold and 4.00 per pillowcase set sold. (If you have already turned in your order, we will send you a check.)

  • This service gives you the ability to “fundraise” year round!


  • Your organization's costs per sheet set is $23.50, Split King set is $28.50 (including shipping and handling).

  • Extra pillowcases are $8.00 per set (including shipping and handling).

  • Download the price list.


  • Our suggested retail price is $40.00 per sheet set. However, you have the flexibility of setting your own sales price.

  • Your profit for sheets is your sales price minus the costs of the sheets ($23.50 each, Split King $28.50 each).

  • Our suggested retail price for extra pillowcases is $12.00 to $15.00 per set.

  • Your profit for pillowcases is your sales price minus the costs of the pillowcases ($8.00 each).

Sales Packets

Placing Your Order


  • Once your order is tallied, you will receive an invoice via email.

  • Make checks payable to Simply Sheets. Mail checks to P.O. Box 9252, Mobile, AL 36691.

  • Payments may also be made online at no additional charge.


  • Your order will be shipped via FedEx Ground within 7 to 10 business days after we receive your payment or P.O. number. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order is shipped.

  • For your convenience, your order will be student sorted with each seller's name on their order.

Returns and Exchanges

  • If you have a discrepancy after receiving your order, please let us know via email. We will contact you so that any necessary corrections can be made immediately.


  • Simply Sheets provides a warranty against manufacturer defects or damages on all sheet sets and pillowcases. Any manufacturer defects or damages will be replaced immediately.