Fundraising with Simply Sheets makes reaching your goals easier than you could ever imagine! Our services cater to every organization who applies fundraising into their activities. Offer your supporters a product they will use, and a product they will love.



We are proud to offer you a long-lasting and luxurious bed sheet set for your supporters. These bed sheets are easily washable, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, moisture-wicking, breathable and hypo allergenic. Microfiber bed sheets were first introduced in the Spa industry, and have become extraordinarily popular in today's market. 

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• No upfront costs.
• No minimums.
• Earn $17 per sheet set sold.
• Offer a useable, quality product at an affordable price with a great warranty.
• Let the product do the selling.
• Great variety (12 beautiful colors) so your customers have more choices.

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Our program requires no investment costs, no minimums and no contracts. We provide you with everything you will need to make your fundraiser a success. Fundraising with Simply Sheets can be easily implemented into your current fundraising schedule. Therefore, our program is ideal for short and long-term goal setting. You reaching your goals is our top priority!

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